How do you select your packaging?

We choose packaging that is either compostable or re-useable. Our paper packages are compostable, resealable and are guaranteed sealed for 2 years and once opened, for two weeks. Our glass jars are standard canning jars and can be reused and recycled. Our labelling is done in-house in order to save costs and keep our pricing down. 

Why not mylar? Freeze dried products can be preserved for 25 years if sealed in mylar bags. Mylar protects from oxygen, light and moisture, the top three enemies of freeze dried products. Mylar is also non-compostable and a single use product. As our pet treats are not intended to be stored for 25 years, we have made the choice to provide ecologically responsible packaging.

Where do you get your organs from?

Our organs are sourced from local small scale farmers who raise their animals ethically and are committed to respect for their animals. Our goal is to source all our meat from within 100 miles of our location. We have occasionally travelled further, as we build our base of nearby suppliers who meet our criteria.